Wednesday, February 1, 2012

LONG TIME A Coming...

Wow, haven't been here in a while, but looks like people are still checking it out. That's really cool!

Lot's of fond memories of this page and the journey we began here! Also, met some really cool people who are still part of our lives! So much has happen since the last update. We have officially opened our CrossFit BOX and we have moved to Northern Virginia! ALLLLL good things!
Super blessed and continue on the journey of life, health and fitness!

The new site is:

Many blessings!


Saturday, August 20, 2011


We have a major move coming up in the next couple of months and have great and exciting plans for the near future. We have decided to focus solely on our real passion and love – CrossFit!
CrossFit has completely changed our entire family’s life for the better and we have decided to take it to the next level. We have been following a 3 days on- 1 day off for a few weeks and things are going amazing! Never felt better and stronger and above all, healthier.
Our whole family has embraced the CrossFit life and in the next couple of months there should be a new website coming and an exciting announcement!
So many people can benefit from the CrossFit methodology and the results are no short of totally amazing!
PLEASE see more here
And…check back for the new site link….Coming Soon!
Be blessed!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New plan...

So, Jen hasn’t been able to exercise even once since her surgery so we’ve decided to restart, shes been in a lot of pain...dates and stats to follow soon : )


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Week one update...

So thought I’d give a weekly challenge update : ) We’re on day three and things are going great! Jen has struggled with the exercise part due to still healing up, but her nutrition has been awesome! I’ve been killing the workouts and feeling amazing! Feel like I’m in a good place right now and things are finally coming together. I hope the good feelings and wonderful blessings carry over to my fitness and our challenge cause if they do…watch out!
Looking forward to a great week and lots of FUN…healthy fun!
Be blessed!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Here we go....

So after a long, hard fought battle today is the last day of our BFL challenge! We saw great success and learned some valuable lessons. Jennifer had to have surgery about two weeks ago so we’ve decided to let this challenge be a learning experience and start a NEW challenge tomorrow! We wanted to finish strong but her surgery couldn’t be put off. Soooo, we took a little break from exercising and trying to let her heal up. She has been on a break for a little over two weeks and me about five or six days.
Took our before pictures yesterday and will begin a fresh and anew ; ) We have a lot coming up in the next month or two…we’ll be moving and relocating to a new Army base and so like always ‘life’ will be happening all around us and I know there will be days we struggle. I think by completing this challenge though we have learned to ‘RELAX’ and not be so uptight and worried about being perfect…there is no perfect!
So, anyway…with all that being said---


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day to the beach

What’s up crazy blog readers…
Still kicking butt and taking names here : ) All is well and the first ever ‘official’ Body-for-Life challenge is moving right along! We have been killing some major WODS and having a blast. All this warm weather has put me in the mood for the great outdoors so we’ve been hitting the trail (literally) and seeing all kinds of new and nest places. We are leaving in the morning for Virginian Beach where we will be camping for two nights. The kids and us are SUPER excited and can’t wait!
When we get back I promise we will update our progress pictures so you can all see just how much we have been leaning out : ))) It’s been none short of amazing !

Till then, keep working hard and remember your blessings!
Be blessed!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 40...Lovin Life!

Day 40   Almost half way through the Body-for-Life challenge and through self-imposed obstacles and much trial and error we are still at it!!! This past weekend was simply marvelous! We had so much fun picking strawberries on Saturday and then we took the kids to The Great Falls, which is a National Park located in Virginia, on Sunday! Jennifer even made the comment that it felt like we were finally living…it’s funny how much fun you can have without alcohol : )
I feel much less stress, I’m caught up with school and exercise and nutrition just seems to come naturally now! God is SOOOO GOOD!!!
Don’t ever give up!

Many blessings to all!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 37...Back in the game : )))

Today was just amazing!!! Finally drug my butt onto the treadmill and ended up running 6.8 miles in 60 minutes and it felt GREAT! Super glad to be back in the game! Planning on a great workout tomorrow and maybe some more cardio to make up for lost time!
Nutrition was back in line and we are planning on taking a trip to the Farm tomorrow…CAN’T wait!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 36...have no fear...still here!

Yes, I’m still here and struggling to pull it all together…The last week or so has been a total disaster! My last post was on the 28th and the 29th we
woke up and stress came like a boulder. I had been woken up in the middle of the night by an anonymous phone call and had not had much sleep at all. I was in a terrible mood and so that put Jen in a bad mood as well.
Instead of working out we decided to make it a ‘free day’ and drink. Some of our neighbors were outside playing with a slip-n-slide and drinking so we took the kids down and started drinking. We were doing shots, drinking mix drinks and getting pretty wasted. Jen ended up getting sick and while I was checking on her Nehemiah slipped away from the crowd and friends we thought were watching him and wondered off all by himself! This is something that has NEVER happened to us, EVER! He was only gone a few moments and someone from the party saw him and brought him back but the whole thing scared Jennifer to the point she has decided to NEVER drink again.
She is normally the one who can drink and remain in control, where as I’m the one who usually drinks way too much. Anyway, We have fought, struggled and went back and forth the past week. I have been SOOO depressed and could barley drag myself out of bed. We have done NO exercise and I have gained almost ALL my weight back!!!
Last night we had a long talk and both committed to each other to be alcohol free…the few moments of fun NEVER have outweighed the bad circumstances. She thinks that I put too much focus on these ‘fitness challenges’ whether it be BFL-T.Com or others I have tried. I think she may be right. Being a stay at home Dad the challenges have become my ‘thing’ the thing that keeps me motivated and inspired. The one time we were able to drink and actually have a wonderful time with NO bad outcome was when we visited Florida. What was the difference? We had decided to not worry about any challenge and just have fun…so maybe that’s been my problem, I put sooo much of my focus and energy into these challenges that the moment something happens that sets me back I sink into deep depression!
So, I don’t really know where I am mentally right now as far as these ‘challenges’. I really don’t want to do a restart and part of me doesn’t want to even do it at all! I NEED to put more focus on my relationship with God, my family and then I think the health and fitness level I desire will automatically come.
Well, for now…I’m going to just keep going and see where things fall. Maybe if I put the majority of my focus on God and family then the rest will just fall into place! I might just stick with the BFL challenge as well…adding more is probably NOT in my or my family’s best interest right now.
So, that being said, if I don’t post everyday don’t worry…I’ll update at least once a week and I’ll be plugging along!
Many blessings!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 31...she's a Ninja

Another AWESOME, KICK BUTT Day! Jen, my wonderful wife is SO amazing…she did her first squat cleans today and ROCKED IT!!! She became comfortable with the uncomfortable : )))
She really did awesome! So, yeah…everything is going great here, no storms, although they were predicted so we changed our plans to stay home : ( Anyway, plans to hit one of our favorite local farms…pick your own strawberries are ripe : ))))) Whooohoooo…we be going through some berries with 4 kids who all eat pretty much fruit at every meal!
So, Transformation Challenge is going Great too, on day 3 of that and so far so good!
Blessings to you alL

Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 30...wooop-wooop

 Another great day here in Smith land!!! Had a GREAT workout today and enjoyed some wonderful family time!!! Quick post tonight cause I’m off to bed so I can get up early and do it aLLLL again!  I tried leaving comments on Blogger today, but it wouldn’t let me so for Noelle and anyone wondering about the new challenge it can be found at: Transformation Challenge...If you sign up let me know so I can friend you!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 29...2 challenges : )

Another great day…Found a new challenge to start at…it’s for 8 weeks and a trip to Hawaii is the grand prize…that would be nice, but whatever can keep me motivated is what I really need. Between the BFL and challenges…I should be a lean-mean-machine before too much longer : )))
Anyway, super tired…Jens computer got a virus and her school and Joshua’s home school documents are on there…NOT GOOD!!! I think we got it fixed, praise God, but a good reminder to buy an external hard drive. Also, took most of the night : (
Sooo, taking my butt to bed!
Sleep well!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 28...great day : )

Another great day today…
One of Jen’s friends from basic training has been visiting for a couple of days and it’s been a really nice time. She even did a WOD with Jen and Joshua today! 
She had to take her back to the airport tonight and all is going well...
Jen has to go back to work tomorrow, but after that has another 4 days off…woop-wooop!!! She has a hernia that the doctors found after Nehemiah was born and she has been putting off having the surgery to after our challenge, but looks like we will be getting orders soon and the doctor called today and said they could go ahead and work her in…if she goes through with it then that would be the end of her challenge as she won’t be able to exercise for 6 weeks. She has to have the hernia surgery and have her tubes tied at the same time. She has a uterine window and her and the baby could die if she gets pregnant again…soooo, I told her if they could go ahead and do it, then she probably should just do it.
 Her safety has to come first. She’ll know in a week or less what the plan is.
Till then we’ll keep hitting it hard and I’ll finish up either way!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 27...Back

Ran a 5K today on the treadmill with 1.5 incline and after walking for the first minute I kicked it up and finished in 24:35…sweat pouring off me and a smile on my face!!! Feels SOOO GOOD to be back exercising again…maybe the couple days break actually did me good. At least my heads back where it needs to be and I’m/we’re going to kick butt the rest of this challenge!!!
Wooop Wooop!
Be blessed!

Day 26...Spring/Summer cleaning

Today we spent doing a much needed deep cleaning of our apartment! Jen is off for a few days this week so decided to take advantage of the time and get the cleaning done!

No workouts other than the extreme cardio/clean : ) Our nutrition was spot on though and already feeling like we’re back in the game  : )))
Tomorrow we'll be on it hard and heavy!

Can't wait!



Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 25...Rest and Recovery

Today was rest and recovery from the wild day we had yesterday. The ‘Warrior Dash’ was a blast and I had a ton of fun running the race. It was WAY more difficult than I had expected and I did not properly hydrate so I was hurting most of the race, but being the Ninja that I am I grabbed suck and carried on!!!
We did indulge in a bit of alcohol, but nothing too bad. I had one beer at after the race and Jen had two. We did have a few more drinks after getting home and stayed up pretty late…our diet wasn’t as nutritious as it could have been either, it was however, our first REAL official ‘free day’ in Body-for-Life terms. I do have some regret as I had planned on completing the 12 week challenge without alcohol, but I made the choice and will live with it.
Tomorrow we will get up and hit it hard, jumping right back in! There is no more re-starts…this is about more than just 12 weeks…this is for LIFE…so we have to have to be honest with ourselves and have a feasible-working plan that we can actually live with. We’ve decided that alcohol is not inherently bad, but it has caused a lot of problems in our past and has derailed most all our challenge attempts. So, that being realized we are not going to go back to the usual ‘free day drink fest’ we use to have. If a special event comes up where alcohol is involved then was may have a drink or two, other than that we will try our best to stay the course and finish strong. This way we are not setting ourselves up for failure and at the same time we are not letting ourselves get out of control.
To me is all about taking responsibility of our lives in every aspect; health, fitness and all parts. Life is a process and Jen and I continue to grow and lean throughout this process. A friend reminded me that if nothing else, our kids are worth us giving our best. Our best would not be drinking all the time, but our best may also not be totally abstaining to the point of feeling like we have no control of our life. What ever our 'best' is...this IS what we truly want to give...we are learning. Maybe the stronger-more controlled life woul be to totally not drink...
Time will tell…so I regret that if I had chosen NOT to drink yesterday…I would have eaten better today and most assuredly have worked out. Otherwise, I don’t regret the choice, because I woke up…not depressed and ready to continue the journey : ))) I guess not everyday can be perfect and its hard sometimes for me to admit and accept my own imperfections.
Another life lesson!
Many blessings!

Day 24...Warrior Dash


Friday, May 20, 2011

Day day part 2

Somewhat of a trying day, but not going to let it get me down, we’ve come too far to turn back now! Anyway, tomorrow is the ‘Warrior Dash’ and Jen and I will be there having a blast!!! Babysitter is set and it will be our second, ‘sorta date’ in 4 years : )
Today I finally took a rest day and didn’t run or do a WOD…I did work on my handstand pushups and snatch, overhead squats and cleans…what? I really can’t just sit here : )
Well, off to try and sleep…I’m soooo pumped about tomorrow!!!
Many blessings!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day day : )

Kicked butt today, Wooopwoop… so, it was/is rest day for us but I couldn’t stand it and ended up running 7 miles on the treadmill : ))) I think running those longer runs have begun to be my little place of solitude…I put on the headphones and just put one foot in front of the other. Sooo much fun!
Jen had training so she got home a bit late so she took a break from all exercise today and Joshua and I grilled out some juicy grass-fed beef and goat burgers…I’ll confess I had my second piece of bread in the form of 1 whole grain bun, but it was worth it and I’ll live with my decision : ) The goat burger was surprisingly juicy and delish! We also made sweet potato salad…boiled some cut up sweet potatoes, drained, added organic mayo, dill pickle relish from our Amish farmer, red onion and sea salt and pepper…totally AWESOME!!! Rain off and on most of the day, but overall a wonderful time!
So, Jen and I both hit milestones this morning as well…she weighed in at a slim 149 and I hit the 159 mark!!! NO looking back!
Been a great week and the weekend is going to be even better!!!
Rockin this challenge

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 21....Three weeks down!

So day 21 today…THREE whole weeks into our Body-for-Life challenge and feeling absolutely wonderful!!! Truly so blessed to be doing this and for all the new and wonderful friends we are making!
Last night a friend gave me a pair of Military Revision sun glasses and I was trying them on when Joshua took a picture of me. I was looking at it today and it really put things in perspective for me…I can see a lot of physical changes and in ONLY three weeks. The physical changes though can’t come close to how I feel on the inside. I’m learning to relax and enjoy the journey. I’ve laid down the alcohol and decided to believe in myself! I’m giving my best and I think my best is going to actually be enough for once!
And my wife…Oh my Goodness…she is my hero and totally amazing! She yells, cusses and screams at me most every WOD we do, but and a BIG but…she does it!!! She pulls it together somewhere between round 2 and 5 and blows it out of the water and she is melting before my eyes!!! Sooo AMAZING! We are going to do this and I hope and pray we actually WIN this 2011 year Body-for-Life couples challenge!!! What an amazing end to a long, fought journey that would be : ))) And truly…not an end, but a beginning!
Picture from last on left is day 1 three weeks ago and the other is from last night

Many blessings!